Jake Eagle

Jake Eagle is a licensed professional counselor, international NLP trainer and co-founder of Reology.

After sixteen years of running small businesses on the east coast, Jake recreated his life…moving to New Mexico and becoming a psychotherapist. His years in business influence his approach to therapy. He helps his clients focus not only on personal growth and learning how to relate with others in healthy ways, but also on finding meaningful work and creating financial stability. In addition to his private practice he conducts workshops in the US and Asia for laypeople and certification trainings for therapists.

In the late 1990′s Jake’s focus shifted from brief therapy to deep therapy, the purpose of which is psychological integration. This new direction was advanced after he met his mentors, John and Joyce Weir, creators of a method known as Percept, which has now evolved into Reology.

The practice of Reology, including the language or ReSpeak, leads to sustainable growth in your life. As a result of building a strong foundation within yourself—based on developing maturity and a clear purpose—you will be able to live a life of greater ease and have much healthier relationships.

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