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1.    毎月1回和訳された短い記事を通して生徒に我々の最新情報を提供致します。我々のニューズレターに登録して頂いた場合、最新の記事を逸早くお届けする事が出来ます。

2.    我々は現在新たなNLP講習を計画しております。場所は日本、そしてオンラインでも提供しております。これらの講習は最新の教材が沢山含まれております。さらに、お値段もなお格安で提供する事が出来ます。


Since 1995 we have traveled from America to Japan teaching our unique style of NLP. We’ve enjoyed working with two wonderful partners that served as our hosts, Sachiko Shirai and Kazuhiko Umemoto. We appreciate these two so much for all of their efforts to establish NLP in Japan and for being our gracious hosts.

In May of 2012 our contract with Mr. Umemoto ended and will not be renewed. While this is unfortunate, we believe it opens a wonderful opportunity for us to personally reconnect with NLP students at all levels of training. It also gives us much more freedom to conduct courses that are filled with material that we have been wanting to teach in Japan for years.

The purpose of the NLP Santa Fe website

1. We’d like to share our latest thoughts with students through short articles that are translated into Japanese once a month. To receive the articles, please sign up for our newsletter below and we will send you the first article immediately.

2. We are planning new NLP trainings! Some of these trainings will take place in Japan and others will take place as live, online workshops. The good news is that the trainings will contain plenty of new material. Additionally, we are now able to price our trainings at a significant discount.

If you’d like to hear about future online and local training opportunities, please sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you informed.

Working in Japan has been one of the most meaningful training experiences we have had. We hope to continue to work with Japanese students, the hardest working NLP students on earth!

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